Driggs Tower Site


Raising the AMPS platform and antennas for AT&T. AT&T has the top spot on the tower with room for 5 more AMPS platforms.


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Getting ready to pour the foundation for the tower. Placing the Tower Leg Anchor Bolts in the rebar cage.

The foundation is 26ft square and varies from 4 feet deep to 6 feet 3 inches.

The foundation has been poured and is being finished. The framework for a temporary building has been placed over the foundation. The framework was covered with tarps and heaters were placed inside the shelter to keep the concrete warm while it was curing. The foundation was poured in the middle of February 2002.

The foundation for AT&T's building is ready to be poured.


Counduit being laid for utilities. At the site end of the trench you can see a 3 inch coundiut being laid for primary power and a two inch conduit for a 100 pair telco cable. The two condiuts start out in the same trench then branch off. The power run is 610 feet. The telco run is 1220 feet.

The telco run had bores under two roads (State Highway 33 and County Road 50 West), and a paved bikepath that was betweeen the two roads. The dirt in this area is mostly river rock and is hard to bore through. The crew on our horizontal boring machine made it under the highway in the first try - the first time that has been done in the valley.

Before and after pictures of the Power and Telco panels.

The power panel on the right, in each picture, and the telco box on the left are being hooked up to the conduits. Power and Telco conduits go from these panels to six lots on the site.

On the left, this is what the other end of the conduits from the Power and Telco panels look like before they are covered up. Each lot on the site has a similar hookup that includes a connection to the site grounding system. On the right, you can see two of hookups on the finished site.


Look closely for details on the site grounding. The two fence posts in this picture have the ground wire cad welded to them then cold galvanezed. Notice the flexible strap from the gate to the fence post.