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Site acquisition people can send us high resolution digital pictures via email of a proposed site. We then make up pictures to show what the site will like after the cell site & tower are installed. We then print them on 8 1/2 by 11" paper and FedEx them back to the site acquisition people. Note: the pictures below are very low resolution.

Need high quality photos of your site? We can come to your site.


Landowners are more anxious to lease ground to PCS and Cellular companies when they can see what the site will look like after it is built. This site became Edge Wireless's warehouse and switch in Pocatello, Idaho. The canopies covering the area between the two brick buildings were removed and the tower installed.

Sometimes you have to look hard to see the differences between the Before and After pictures. This site is on the top of the tallest building in Perth Australia. Motorola wants to add two antennas to this site and they need the landlords approval. They will present these before and after pictures to the landlord to show how little visual impact there will be with two additional antennas.

Many of Edge Wireless's sites used 90ft wood laminated poles. They are more pleasing to the eye than steel towers.

We can give you tips on taking your hi-res pictures that make a better picture for this type of use. Earl's can even come to your sites and take professional pictures for you. Earl's has many years as a professional photographer.